Ameraucana Chicken Temperament

The temperament characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken is one of the most curious subjects of the breeders of this chicken. The Ameraucana chicken breed was first developed from the Araucana chicken breed found in the United States in the 1970s. In other words, it is a hybrid chicken breed. This chicken, which is defined as a unique breed, was developed with the aim of not extinction of the blue egg. The blue color of their eggs distinguishes this chicken breed from other chicken breeds.

The Ameraucana chicken breed comes in many different sizes. Each chicken has a different size from the next. The temperament characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken, which are distinguished from each other by their standards, are also very interesting. The most interesting issue among the temperament characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken is that this breed is remarkable in appearance. The Ameraucana chicken breed has a long feather that hangs under its eyes. Combined with the beards, this look creates a swollen squirrel look on the chickens’ faces. In this state, the chickens have a different appearance and are highly appreciated.

Another remarkable detail among the temperament characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken is that this chicken breed has a tough appearance at first glance. Underneath this appearance is an extremely deceptive disposition and structure. The Ameraucana chicken breed is an extremely docile and calm chicken breed. The temperament traits of the Ameraucana chicken are extremely variable. This breed, which does not enjoy being hugged, is both friendly and extremely timid.

Ameraucana Chicken Characteristics
The general characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken breed, which is grown in a wide area, can be listed as follows;
• This breed takes great pleasure in communicating with people.
• Most feeders, Ameraucana chickens are very smart.
• It is an understanding chicken breed.
• They make a difference with their blue eggs.
• Eggs are good against many serious diseases, especially asthma.
• It is satisfactory in terms of egg production.

Ameraucana Chicken Standards
After knowing the temperament characteristics of the Ameraucana chicken, it can be prevented from purchasing the wrong breed by having information about the standards of this breed. The Ameraucana chicken breed standards are;
• The beak structure is strong and curved.
• His eyes are big and he looks meaningful.
• It runs just above the neck of the neck.
• His face is hidden between his beard and feathers.
• Ear tags are small, oval and red in color.
• Wings are wider than normal.
• Tails are of medium length and size.
• Combs are smaller than peas.
It is important to have information about the temperament characteristics and standards of the Ameraucana chicken in order to fully understand the chicken. In this way, it is possible to easily recognize this breed at a glance.

Ameraucana Chicken Price
The Ameraucana chicken breed is one of the most popular breeds on the market. For this reason, it is constantly preferred by black marketers. This means that this chicken breed finds buyers at prices much higher than the normal price. Looking at the market in general, the Ameraucana chicken breed is usually sold to buyers with a rooster. The price of an Ameraucana chicken varies between 200 TL and 800 TL.

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