Americana Chicken Breed

The Americana chicken breed, as the name suggests, is an American breed of chicken. This chicken breed has made a name for itself due to the difference in egg colors. For this reason, his name is mentioned very often, especially in the last period. The blue eggshell makes this chicken breed special. Because these eggs are claimed to be good against many different diseases. For this reason, breeders who want to have blue eggs raise Americana chicken breed.
The Americana chicken breed was first brought to America from Chile in 1970. This breed is the most unique among other chicken breeds. The main purpose of its development is to protect the gene of blue eggs. This chicken, which has a very high egg production, is therefore the choice of many breeders. This breed also draws attention with its true color options. The color options that can be seen in the Americana chicken breed are as follows;
• Coffee red
• Blue wheat
• Black
• Blue
• Camel Hair
• Wheat
• White
• Silver

Ameraucana Chicken Egg Yield
The Americana chicken breed is among the chicken breeds with high egg production. For this reason, it is preferred by many breeders. The egg yield of the breed, which is fertile in terms of both meat and eggs, can be summarized with the following items;
• Eggshell colour: blue
• Annual egg yield: 180- 200 eggs
• Egg weight 55-60 grams
The Americana chicken breed is distinguished from other breeds by its red eyes. However, despite these looks, the chicken breed is extremely docile.
Ameraucana Chicken Standards
Americana chicken is a breed developed by combining two different chickens. The accepted standards of this chicken breed, which is also admired for its flamboyant structure, are as follows;
• Beak: Curved and strong
• Comb: Smaller than a pea, the shape of the comb is medium in size
• Face: Long beard and hair
• Neck: large arched and medium height
• Back: medium-sized and wide
• Eyes: dark red, large and expressive
• Saddle: loose and of medium length. A smooth transition to the tail angle
• Ear tag: oval, small and red
• Chest: prominent and broad
• Trunk: broad and curved under tail and trunk
• Head: large to medium sized
• Beard: Medium length in three different directions
• Leg and toes: medium length and hairless
• Chest: Noticeably wide
• Wing: Larger than normal
• Weight: 2.5-3 kilos
The Americana chicken breed is a breed that attracts the attention of the producers with its characteristics.
Ameraucana Chicken Egg Prices
The Americana chicken breed is one of the most popular chicken breeds recently. For this reason, it especially attracts the attention of opportunists in the market. The egg prices of this breed are as interesting as the Americana chicken breed. Prices for Americana chicken breeds vary widely across the market. In many places, this breed of chicken is offered for sale accompanied by a rooster. Those who want to breed can get information about the sales prices of chickens and eggs by contacting the producers.

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