Appenzeller Chicken Features

Appenzeller chicken, which belongs to the Appenzell region in the Northeast region of Switzerland, attracts attention with its different appearance and features. This breed, which is defined as a very beautiful chicken breed, is known as the national bird species of Switzerland. The reason for this is that this breed can continue to live for many years. The characteristics of the Appenzeller chicken, which have survived for centuries, also please the breeders in this sense. Living conditions are generally developed in mountainous areas due to the landforms of the country. For this reason, this chicken breed cannot live in very small coops.
Appenzell Chicken Egg Yield
Along with the characteristics of the Appenzeller chicken, egg production of this breed is also among the subjects investigated. Egg production of Appenzeller chickens meets the expectations of the producers. The colors of their eggs are usually white. After about 5 months, they start to lay their first eggs. Eggs vary in size.
Appenzell Chicken Characteristics

The Appenzeller chicken differs from many chicken breeds with its characteristics. The outstanding features of this breed, which is extremely good in terms of behavior and temperament, are as follows;
• It is a different breed of chicken from other breeds in appearance.
• Its fur is extremely hard and intersects its body at a right angle.
• Its body is large and has a well-proportioned appearance.
• Its combs are V-shaped.
• The feathers on the head extend perpendicularly to their beaks.
• His eyes are dark brown.
• Nostrils are wider than normal.
• Their feet have bluish hues.
• Their skin is white in color.
• They do not have beards and earrings.
• Its ears are white and have an oval structure.
• Their beaks are in a strong form.
• Their weight is 1.5 kilos in chickens and 2 kilos in roosters.
• They have a meaty bun in front of their beaks.
Appenzeller Chicken Behavior and Temperament
Although the Appenzeller chicken features are good, this chicken is also very popular in terms of temperament. In general, this breed has 3 different color options. The most common type is those with silver scales. It is also available in gold flake and black colors.
Appenzeller chicken is highly appreciated for its temperament along with its characteristics. In terms of temperament, this breed draws attention with its overactive and assertive nature. They are very happy when they leave the coop and they show this with their movements. This breed, whose males have a very stable structure, is also very fast in breeding. Roosters can mate with other breeds in the hen at a time.
Appenzell Chicken Prices
Producers, who have more real information about Appenzeller chicken characteristics and chicken prices, can also feed this chicken breed in their coops or farms. This breed, which is generally preferred as ornamental chicken, fascinates everyone with its appearance and stance. Appenzeller chickens, which are quite different from other breeds, are slightly more expensive than standard breeds in this direction. Those who want to feed this breed, which is continued in many different producers, can find answers to all kinds of questions by contacting the producers.

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