Araucana Chicken Blue Laying Chicken

Araucana Chicken Blue Egg-Laying Chicken
The Araucana hen is a breed of blue-egg laying hen that first appeared in Chile. It is distinguished from other breeds by the fact that its egg has a blue color. Its name is Araucana because it comes from Chile. it was in the 1600s that the Araucanian natives first discovered this breed of chicken. by 1920, this breed had reached America. This chicken breed, which has spread to all countries of the world over time, is also among the chicken breeds dec in Turkey. In Turkey, this breed is known as the “Green Egg-Laying Chicken”. This is due to the fact that the eggs laid by this breed of chickens have a blue or green color. Yesilmaz The eggs of the Araucana chicken breed, which is the first race that comes to mind when it comes to blue eggs, are not sold that much nowadays. However, dec the periods when it was first developed, it took its place among the chicken species that received the most attention. Araucana chicken The blue egg-laying chicken stands out not only for the difference in its eggs, but also for the features it has. For this reason, it is among the chicken breeds that are dec popular in our country. The characteristics of the blue-bellied chicken egg of the Araucana chicken can be listed as follows;
• Eggs, which have an extremely rich content of nutrients, contain high amounts of iron, zinc, folic acid and protein.
• It is high in calcium.
• It helps protect against heart disease.
• Helps protect against cancer.
* Prevents bone resorption.
* Gives energy.
• Gives long-term satiety.
* Improves brain function.
* Protects the brain membrane.

The Blue-Egged Chicken Breed
Araucana chicken The blue egg-laying chicken does not have a single color. It happens that it is possible to come across chickens of this breed with many different colors. Due to the few differences that exist in the external appearance of this breed, it is quite easy to distinguish it even when viewed from afar.
The most frequently asked question in Araucana chicken blue egg laying chicken research is why the egg of this chicken breed is blue. The best answer to the question of why Araucana chicken eggs are blue is that the pigments in the genes of this chicken breed are different from the number in normal chicken breeds. That is why the colors of eggshells are different and quite interesting. The food contained in the egg is the same as in other chicken breeds.

Araucana chicken There are 3 similar species in the blue-egg-laying chicken breed. Two known of these are the Easter chicken, called Ameraucana and the Easter Eggger. The breed, called Ameraucana, also gets its name from the Araucana breed. This race also stands out as the most preferred race in our country. The characteristics of the Araucana grouse blue-laying hen are as follows;
• The Araucana chicken breed is distinguished from other breeds due to the difference in ear structures.
• In some breeds, there may be more than one difference in the structure of both ears.
• Due to the fact that it is a very rare breed, its prices are expensive.
• They are known as a breed of chicken without a right hand and tail.
* The feathers that come out of the ear edges of this breed can kill the eggs when they stick to the egg.
• Araucana chicken The incubation period of the blue-egged chicken is usually 21 days.

How Many Eggs Does the Blue-Bellied Hen Make per Year?
The egg yield of the blue-egg laying hen of the Araucana chicken is often wondered by those who conduct research on this issue. The Araucana blue egg-laying hen is quite satisfactory in terms of egg yield. This breed, which pleases its breeder, can give over 250 eggs per year. If the living conditions of this breed are improved, the life of these chickens can be extended, as well as the number of eggs can exceed the given figure.

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