Ayam Cemani Chicken Egg Color

The Ayam Cemani chicken breed originally originated in Indonesia. These chickens, which carry all the characteristics of the region where they are raised, are completely different from other breeds. The biggest feature of this breed is that they are black in color. In addition to their bodies, which are completely covered with black, their feathers are also jet black. Also, unknowingly, the bones of this animal breed are also black in color.
Those who do research about Ayam Cemani chicken egg color will find very interesting information about this chicken. The homeland of the Ayam Cemani chicken breed is the Cemani village in the city of Sura Karta on the Indonesian island of Java. It got its name from the village located here. After it became widespread enough in Indonesia, it was shipped to many different countries. Today, it is among the chicken breeds bred in many countries, including Turkey. It is possible to come across the products of these chickens on the market shelves in many Asian countries. The taste of Ayam Cemani chickens is almost the same as other regular chickens.
Ayam Cemani Chicken Characteristics
Along with the Ayam Cemani chicken egg color, it is necessary to have information about the characteristics of these chickens. The Ayam Cemani chicken characteristics, which are closely related to breeders, are as follows;
• Wing structures are quite strong.
• It is among the medium-sized chicken breeds.
• Its beak is large and quite strong.
• Black hairs turn insect green when viewed in sunlight.
• Its eyes, beak and comb are completely black.
• Tail structures are long.
• Their hair is dense.
• Leg structures are long and there is no hair on their legs.
• Their posture is upright.
• Their bodies are of medium size.
• It has a thin, solid and muscular structure.
• Chest structures are quite wide.
• There are 4 toes on their feet.
• Its thigh is strong and muscular.
Ayam Cemani Egg
Ayam Cemani chicken egg color and yield are among the topics researched by those who will prefer this chicken. Information on Ayam Cemani egg production is as follows;
• Live rooster weight: 2-3 kilos
• Live chicken weight: 1.5-2 kilos
• Eggshell color: Cream
• Annual number of eggs: 80-100 eggs
• Egg weight: approximately 48-50 grams
Ayam Cemani chicken egg color may also contain different colors depending on the characteristics of the chicken. In general, it gives cream-toned eggs. Breeders who conduct Ayam Cemani chicken egg color research can also conclude that the eggs of this species are of high quality and productive.
Ayam Cemani Price 2021
In the Ayam Cemani chicken egg color research, the prices of this chicken breed are also investigated. This breed, which is traded around the world, is different from other chickens in terms of price due to its different structure. The prices of the Ayam Cemani chicken breed, which found buyers between 2000 TL and 3000 TL in the first days of its breeding, start from 100 TL today.

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