Brahma Chicken Breeds

Brahma chicken breeds look like a riot of colors between chicken breeds. With this feature, it is liked by many chicken lovers. Brahma chicken breeds are also included in the farms of many breeders who breed ornamental chickens with their colorful and different structure.

Brahma chicken breeds stand out not only with their colors but also with their features. Compared to many chicken breeds, this breed is extremely valuable. Therefore, it is not preferred for meat or egg production. Other reasons why this chicken is not preferred as meat and dairy chicken are as follows;

• The development rate is slower than normal breeds
• Attracting attention with its color and large structure
• Low level of annual egg production

Brahma chicken breeds add color and liveliness to the coops. This chicken breed, which is quite entertaining, is preferred by the producers due to its comfortable growing conditions.
Brahma Chicken Breeds
Brahma chicken breeds are a breed developed by the combination of Cochin and Malay breeds. This breed is among the most grown chicken breeds in Turkey. Its origins date back to Asia. It is thought that it was first brought to Turkey from America.

Brahma chicken breeds are;
• Dark Brahma
• Light Brahma
• Buff Brahma
• Gold Brahma
• Blue Brahma
• White Brahma
• Black Brahma
• Lemon Pyle Brahma
• Gold Blue Brahma
• Black Mottled Brahma

Brahma Chicken Features
Brahma chicken breeds and their characteristics can be listed as follows;
• It is a very suitable breed to live in both hot and cold weather.
• It stands out as an extremely showy chicken breed.
• Hens, which draw attention with their size, can reach up to 5 kilograms in weight.
• They can easily adapt to all kinds of climatic conditions.
• They take about 2 years to mature.
• Egg production is at medium levels on an annual basis.
• It is a breed that is extremely resistant to disease.
• They like to live in groups.
• Due to their weight and large structure, they do not have the ability to fly.

Brahma chicken breeds attract breeders with their characteristics. Because it is a compatible and compatible breed, breeders prefer these chickens. It is a breed that can easily get along with other chicken breeds.

Brahma Chicken Egg
Subjects such as Brahma chicken breeds and egg production are frequently researched by breeders of this breed. This breed does not please the breeders very much in terms of egg production. Egg production of Brahma chicken breeds, which are generally preferred as ornamental chickens, can be summarized with the following items;

• Annual egg production 150- 200 eggs
• Ovulation period: After 6-7 months
• Egg color: Cream-brown
• Egg weight: 55- 65 grams

Brahma Chicken Prices
Brahma chicken breeds are different from other breeds in terms of price because they are a showy breed. The prices of Brahma chicken breeds, which make a difference in coops with their fluffy feather structure and imposing size, vary according to the prices given by the producers.

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