Brahma Chicken Varieties

Brahma chicken breed stands out with its durability compared to other chicken breeds. This breed, which has different varieties, also makes a difference with its giant dimensions. With the creation of the necessary living conditions, it is possible for this breed to survive for many years. After the information about Brahma chicken varieties and living conditions, breeders can choose the most suitable breed for them and start breeding in the appropriate area.
Brahma chickens are liked in the coops for their docile attitude and harmony. They can easily coexist with many different breeds. The chicken breed, which is also good with children, is also preferred for its sincere behavior towards people. With the research to be done on Brahma chicken varieties, breeders can have more information about this breed.
Buff Brahma Chicken Breed
Buff Brahma chicken varieties are as follows;
• The Buff Brahma chicken breed, which is among the Brahma chicken varieties, draws attention with its two colors.
• This breed, whose body is extremely strong, is admired for its large size.
• It is known that they can reach up to 4-5 kilos. This weight may increase even more when living conditions are improved.
• They are easy to train.
• It is a race that is extremely human.
Gold Brahma Chicken Breed
Gold Brahma chicken varieties, which stand out with their gold color, can be listed as follows;
• Their feathers are extremely lively and deep.
• Their original color is golden yellow. It contains some grit.
• Their structures are larger than normal chickens.
• It stands out as a showy and beautiful Brahma breed.
Light Brahma Chicken Breed
The characteristics of the Light Brahma breed, which is among the Brahma chicken varieties, are as follows;
• This breed distinguishes itself with its black tails.
• This breed of chickens has black and white mixed feather structure.
• The feathers on the neck of the roosters of this breed are black and striped.
Dark Brahma Chicken Breed
Dark Brahma chicken varieties are as follows;
• Dark Brahma species have lively feathers.
• It is among the flamboyant Brahma breeds.
• Its feet are black in color and combined with gold.
• Complete basic colors are golden yellow.
Brahma Chicken Egg Yield
• Brahma chicken varieties are at medium level in egg production. This breed, which does not lay many eggs, gives between 100-150 eggs on a yearly basis.
• Their eggs are generally brown-shelled.
• The eggs are of medium size.
• Prices are high.
• The weight of the eggs is about 55-60 grams.
How to Care for Brahma Chicken?
The maintenance conditions of these chickens are as important as the subject of Brahma chicken varieties. It is not possible for these chickens to live for a long time in places where the necessary care is not taken. Brahma chicken varieties generally like to live in dry environments. However, the water must always be clean. These chickens, which need adequate space, should be raised in a free environment.

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