Buckeye Chicken Breed

The Buckeye chicken breed stands out as a breed that was raised by a woman for the first time in the world. This breed is similar to the Rhode Island Red breed. For this reason, these two races are constantly confused with each other. The most important feature that distinguishes Buckeyes from this breed is that they have a more muscular body and a wider back.
The Buckeye chicken breed is the only purebred American chicken breed with a pea comb. With these features, they are resistant to the winter season. With this feature, the Buckeye chicken breed is a very popular breed in Turkey.

Buckeye Chicken Breed Egg Yield
The Buckeye chicken breed pleases the producers, especially in terms of egg production. Therefore, its production and cultivation is widespread. After suitable living conditions are created, the chicken begins to lay eggs in a short time. The number of eggs laid in the juvenile period is low. However, as the chicken begins to develop, the number of eggs taken increases. After the aging period, it cannot lay eggs like many chicken breeds. Buckeye chicken breed eggs are more valuable than normal eggs. Egg production of this breed can be summarized with the following items;
• Live Rooster Body Weight: Between 3.5 and 4 Kilos
• Live Chicken Body Weight: Between 2,5-3 Kilos
• Number of eggs: 170 – 200 in 1 year
• Egg Color: brown
• Egg Weight: Not exactly known.

Buckeye chickens and roosters are very productive in terms of both meat and eggs. This chicken breed, which is frequently preferred for eggs, is also preferred for its meat. The body weight of chickens and roosters starts from 2.5 kilograms. A well-bred and fed Buckeye chicken can weigh up to 4 kilograms. This means they have too much in their body. For this reason, it is a very valuable animal breed after slaughter. Buckeye chicken breed, which is a common chicken breed in our country, is defined as an ideal breeder breed.

Buckeye Chicken Skin FeaturesThe Buckeye chicken breed is a breed that differs from many chicken breeds with its external appearance. The external appearance features of this breed are as follows;
• The Buckeye chicken breed is a dark blue, red and black breed.
• Tail parts are generally black.
• Eye, beak and comb region are completely red.
• It is a medium-sized breed.
• Leg structures are hairless.
• Its beak is strong and small.
• Tail structures are short.
• Its wings are quite large and strong.

Brief Information About the Buckeye Chicken Breed
Things to know about the Buckeye chicken breed can be listed as follows;
• The origin of the Buckeye chicken breed is based on America.
• It is a chicken breed that is grown in many countries around the world.
• It is a race that is in danger of extinction. Therefore, the purchasing situation is very difficult.
• It was first cultivated in the 18th century.

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