Canadian White Turkey Characteristics Broiler

The Canadian white turkey is originally from Canada. This turkey is generally preferred because it is meat. Canadian white turkey traits that satisfy the breeder in terms of weight gain a place in the breeders’ farm as meat. Canadian white turkey, which is among the first choices of meat breeders, has been found in many poultry houses in our country since 1990. The white turkey, which attracts attention with its features, pleases the breeders due to its rapid weight gain in a short time.

Broiler Canadian White Turkey Characteristics
Canadian white turkey characteristics can be listed as follows;
• The Canadian white turkey breed does not like to move a lot. With this feature, it grows rapidly by gaining weight.
• Meat white turkeys reach approximately 38-42 kilos in 1 year.
• Male turkeys retain more meat than turkeys.
• Male turkeys are more vulnerable than females.
• Breast meat of this breed is more than other breeds.
• Its legs are generally white-pink.
• Their feathers are completely white.
• The offspring of the Canadian white turkeys are also born white in color.
• This breed has larger ribs and leg structures than other turkey breeds.

Canadian white turkey characteristics are highly researched by those who want to raise this animal as a meat. These turkeys, which satisfy their breeders in terms of meat yield, are liked by breeders because they adapt to living conditions.
Canadian Breed White Turkey
The broiler breed of Canadian white turkey is a breed developed only for meat production. Largely, this turkey product is favored by those who do large commercial aquaculture. The Canadian white turkey, which stands out as a hybrid breed, was first developed by American commercial turkey breeders.

Canadian white turkeys gain weight quickly because the broiler is a very sedentary breed. This makes these turkeys look heavier and bulkier. However, the rapid weight gain of these turkeys brings along some health problems in these turkey breeds. The diseases that occur as a result of fast feeding and inactivity in turkeys are as follows;
• Joint ailments
• Respiratory Failure
• Lung problems
• Liver ailments
• Viruses common among animals

Canadian Turkey Prices
Canadian white turkey characteristics are not a turkey breed that can breed meat breeds naturally. For this reason, this breed must be fertilized under artificial conditions. This naturally causes the prices of this breed to be different from other turkey breeds. Those who want to breed these turkeys, which are distributed all over the world today, can contact the producers and have more up-to-date price information among these turkeys.

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