Cemani Chicken

The Ayam Cemani chicken breed, which is among the most popular chicken breeds, is of Indonesian origin. The chicken breed, which was first seen in this region, has taken its place among the breeds bred throughout the world with its different appearance and temperament. The name Ayam Cemani means “Solid Black” in Turkish.
The most important feature that distinguishes the Ayam Cemani chicken breed from other chicken breeds is that these chickens are black in color. The feathers of the Ayam Cemani breed are jet black and shiny. The eyes, combs and feet of the breed, which stands out with this feature, are also black in color. Even the organs and bones of the Ayam Cemani race are black in color. For this reason, it attracts the attention of many breeders.
The Ayam Cemani breed, which is also admired for its characteristics and characteristics, was named after the Cemani village of Sura Karta city on the Indonesian island of Java.
Ayam Cemani Chicken Characteristics
Ayam Cemani is the only black breed among chicken breeds. Producers have a great share in spreading this breed to such a wide environment. The most well-known and distinctive features of the Ayam Cemani chicken breed, which can be found in many countries around the world, are as follows;
• The hairs, which are black in sunlight, become greenish.
• Every imaginable part of his body is black.
• Its wings are quite strong and showy.
• Their tails are long and broad.
• It has a dense hair structure.
• Its legs are long and there is no hair in these areas.
• This breed is resistant to extreme temperatures.
• They are not very resistant to cold weather.
• They have a docile nature.
• It is one of the rarest chicken breeds in the world.
Indonesian Chicken Egg
Along with the characteristics of Ayam Cemani chicken, egg production and egg characteristics are also among the researched subjects. The Ayam Cemani chicken breed is weak in egg production. It is possible to be grown for more ornamental purposes. Ayam Cemani chicken egg characteristics and egg production can be summarized with the following items;
• Live chicken weights are around 2 kilos.
• Live rooster weights are 2.5-3 kilos.
• Annual egg production varies between 70-90 pieces.
• Egg colors are cream tones.
• The weight of the eggs varies between 45-55 grams.
Ayam Cemani Price 2021
The main reason why the Ayam Cemani chicken breed has a black structure is a disease present in the breed. The genetic disease called fibromelanosis in these chickens has caused these breeds to turn black from start to finish. This disease produces an excessive pigmentation in organs and tissues.
Ayam Cemani prices are different from other chicken breeds because this breed is special and only one breed. Breeders reproduce this breed continuously and ensure that it is sent to different countries. Chickens of this breed found buyers at very serious prices in the first periods of development. Today, due to the increase in the number of producers in Turkey, prices are more standardized.

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