Chick Diseases and Medicines

The information to be obtained through research on chick diseases and drugs ensures that the chicks regain their health in a short time when they are sick. Chicks raised at home can be treated easily with simple methods. By conducting research on common ailments in chickens and chicks, you can prevent the spread of the disease in your coop and ensure the survival of your chicks. By getting information about chick diseases and medicines, it is possible to increase the yield and yield of your animals even more.

How to Heal Sluggish Chick?
In order to take precautions against diseases in chicks, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues;
• The environment where the chick lives should always be hygienic.
• Persons should wash their hands in case of contact with the chick.
• Chicks should not be given water from the tap.
• The water to be given to the chicks must be rested water.
Medications and Vaccines that Can Be Given to Sick Chicks
Chicks in the poultry group can get sick due to many different factors. The treatment methods that should be applied according to the diseases that can be seen in chicks are as follows;
• Chicken plague vaccine,
• Bronchitis vaccine
• Hipradoxi-S
• Geosol
• Tetramezatine
• Neo Café
• Terramycin Leather Spray
• Hipraminchok-P
• Keneson

What Are Chick Diseases?
Diseases that occur in animals vary from species to species. Each disease can cause a number of different harms in animals. In cases where precautions are not taken, this disease can result in death in animals as a result of serious damage to the organs. The most important diseases that can be discussed in terms of chick diseases and drugs can be listed as follows;
• Bacterial diseases: Chronic respiratory system diseases, poultry typhoid, Synovitis, Colibacillosis,
• Viral diseases: Marek, Gumboro, Newcastle, Bronchitis, Infectious
• Parasitic diseases
• Fungal diseases

Medication for CRD Disease
The most researched disease in chick diseases and drugs is CRD disease. The most common disease in chickens is CRD disease. The most dangerous aspect of this disease is that it can spread easily. All animals in a house can be affected by this disease in a short time. Regarding chick diseases and drugs, if a diagnosis of CRD disease has been made, the treatment method to be applied to chicks and chickens will be with antibiotic drugs.

How is Chick Medicine Made?
The most curious issue about chick diseases and medicines is how home treatment methods should be. During the treatment phase, the chicks are given drugs along with the feed. It is ensured that the chicks take the drug in pieces by mixing it with the feed. However, it is possible to mix the drug with the broth of the chicks. You can ensure that your chicks are treated by mixing the appropriate dose into their feed or water.
Is Aspirin Given to Sick Chick?
Aspirin is used in the treatment of simple diseases in many living things. According to the diagnosis made when the chicks are sick, if there is no serious problem, aspirin use may be appropriate. It may be possible to give aspirin to the chicks one day apart under a veterinarian’s control. In this way, the chicks can have a stronger immunity. However, overdosing during use may cause greater health problems in chicks and even result in death. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the treatment in a controlled manner. It is absolutely necessary to consult a veterinarian about chick diseases and medications.

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