Chicken Won’t Eat, Doesn’t Move and Is Weary. Why?


This situation is seen in most poultry houses and you start a search without knowing why… Actually, there are several reasons for this situation, the important thing is to watch carefully and finally to detect it. Weakness in chickens; The sluggish chicken does not eat and its activity level is very low. It is a sign of the disease if it looks pale and shriveled up to warm up and moves away from the herd. So what is this situation?

The main and most common condition is the onset or onset of diarrhea. In other words, there is a problem in their digestive system, your animal suffers from abdominal pain. (Why does this happen? What to do?) : Your animal may have eaten something it shouldn’t have. It may have been infected with a microbe, that is, a bacterial infection. Your pet may also have parasites. How Do We Get Rid? = What you need to do is to check his poop and make sure that there is wetness on the bottom part of the white stool. And more… You can even see small creatures on the excrement. In this case, we go to a veterinarian. We are explaining the situation, it will give you diarrhea or bacterial medicine, apply as he says.
Your animal may have a cold, that is, a cold, a cold in chickens. If your animal has been overexposed to cold, swelling may occur in the body. You may witness situations such as fluffing in the feathers, inactivity, searching for a warm environment. In some cold cases, the animal can eat food and drink water. But as a result, paralysis may lead to pneumonia, and deaths may occur. In this case, you can pin the animal in a warm environment at the same time. I can recommend the linco spectin drug for you.


Finally, lice in chickens, that is, lice problem, if your animal has excessive lice, it will be a live food that will disturb the animal all the time. Healthy animals are resistant to lice and they can clean them by eating them with their beaks, but in our chickens with low body resistance, lice are seen immediately. How do we understand this situation as soon as the lice are gone until we kill the animal? A chicken with lice does not move much, but because it is hungry, it will eat food. He will try to eat.
Hair will appear fluffy and sluggish. How can you save your pet from this situation? For this, you can apply lice powder, that is, Biodust Powder, with lice powder that you can buy from pharmacies and veterinary clinics.


Like every living thing, chickens are creatures that can get sick at certain times. In these cases, it is important to diagnose the disease correctly in chickens and to make the right interventions. If the treatment is started immediately after the diagnosis of the disease, in many cases it is possible to save the chickens from the existing problem. However, if there is a wrong intervention, then the probability of transmission of the current disease to other creatures in the poultry house is extremely high. As a result of this situation, it will be inevitable that many animals in the poultry house will be damaged and die from the disease. Why does the chicken not eat, do not move and look sluggish? It is important for breeders, who are faced with such a situation, to be careful in this process and to be able to overcome this process in a controlled manner.

Chicken Diseases and Symptoms

Chickens give some symptoms when they are sick or when they are close to getting sick. From these symptoms, it is possible to obtain preliminary information about the diseases that the animals will catch. If there is a suspicion of disease in chickens, the symptoms to be followed are;

Is there any wheezing sound when the chicken is breathing?
Does the chicken have difficulty breathing?
Are there any changes in the color of the chicken droppings?
Are there any abnormalities or swelling in the chicken’s limbs?
Are there any changes in the external appearance of the chicken?
Is there a discharge from the mouth or nose of the chicken?

If all these symptoms are seen in a chicken, the probability of this chicken getting sick is high. In addition to these, if the chicken is slaughtered without eating or drinking, it may require emergency intervention. In cases where it is late for the intervention, it may become more difficult to intervene in the chicken, and the possibility of this intervention being useless increases. Why does the chicken not eat, do not move and look sluggish? It is of great importance to intervene in the matter without wasting time.

Why Doesn’t Chicken Eat Feed?

Why does the chicken not eat, do not move and look sluggish? It is important to make determinations as to why chickens that do not eat feed, first of all, do not eat feed. In case of a disease, the first symptom seen in chickens is a decrease in appetite. This is usually seen in extremely hot or extremely cold weather. After being informed about the situation that suppresses the appetite of the animal, it can be ensured that the animal begins to eat feed again. At this stage, the breeders can manage this situation in a controlled manner by examining the chicken in detail.

How to Feed a Chicken That Doesn’t Eat Feed?

Why does the chicken not eat, do not move and look sluggish? The situation that bothers the breeders the most is that the chicken does not eat feed. A chicken that does not eat feed will not be able to feed properly, so the chances of recovery are difficult.

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