Egg Chicken Breeds

The only goal of entrepreneurs who want to establish a farm on chickens is egg production. They aim to get a significant amount of eggs on a yearly basis from the chickens they will feed on the farm. Farms prepared using chickens with high egg production have become a very serious profession today. It is possible to provide the desired egg yield from chickens by providing suitable living conditions for chickens in a farm environment prepared on an empty land. In line with this purpose, many new entrepreneurs continue their research on egg chicken breeds. Thus, with the right breed of chicken, the year ends happily.
The fact that egg is a food that is consumed all the time causes many entrepreneurs to turn to this field. Because of this situation, many farmers, especially those engaged in animal husbandry, own chicken farms. At this stage, since not all chickens have the same egg production, egg chicken breeds are researched.

Chicken Breeds That Lay The Most Eggs
Chickens that come to the fore in laying hen yield research are preferred by many producers. It will be possible to have more detailed information about the subjects such as livelihood and living conditions of chickens with researches on these chicken breeds. The most productive egg chicken breeds are;
• A breed of chicken that lays blue eggs
• Australorp chickens
• Bielefelder chicken breed
• Lohman Brown chicken breed
• Atak-S chicken breed
• Ligorin chicken breed
• Rhode Island Red chicken breed
• Nick Brown chicken breed
• Amrock Freckled chicken
• Appenzeller chicken
• Barnevelder chicken
With highly productive egg chicken breeds, it is possible to get eggs in targeted numbers on a yearly basis. Many of these chickens are resistant to living in summer and winter conditions. If they are given a suitable environment, these chickens can start laying eggs as soon as they find the necessary peace. Many breeds can be extremely fertile for eggs for many years until old age.

Characteristics of Chickens That Lay The Most Eggs
Many different breeds are ahead of other species by being efficient in egg production. The general characteristics of these breeds, which have a lot of breeding for farms, can be summarized as follows;
• The annual egg production of these chickens is over 250.
• As soon as the chickens are provided with suitable living conditions, these chickens can start to lay eggs.
• Many breeds start to lay their first eggs before they are 2 years old.
• Most of the breed declines in terms of egg production after a certain age.
• Some chicken breeds with high egg production can live together with other chicken breeds.
• Among the laying hens, some breeds are quite valuable in terms of price. This situation reveals that the eggs of these breeds are also valuable.
Double-Shell Laying Chicken Breed
One of the most curious subjects of entrepreneurs who want to establish a farm for egg production is the double yolk egg chicken breeds. Because double-yolked eggs are more valuable, breeders are interested in these breeds. Breeds that produce double-yolked eggs are as follows;
• Saso Chicken
• Star Gomes chicken breed
• Atak-S chicken breed
• Pullet
These breeds are among the double yolk egg chicken breeds. These breeds generally lay double yolks in 20-25% of the eggs they lay. Especially Yarka chickens are very productive in terms of double eggs. The chickens that will be preferred for double yolk egg chicken breeds are also chicken breeds with high egg production.

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