Giant Brahma Chicken

Giant Brahma chicken draws attention because it is bigger than normal chickens. This chicken breed, which is extremely large in structure, is also stronger than other chickens. The Giant Brahma chicken, which has a wide and flamboyant chest, makes itself noticeable even with its gait. This chicken breed, which is extremely adaptable despite its hard structure, is quite heavy. If suitable conditions are provided for the breeding of this breed in the climatic conditions that will be preferred for breeding, it is possible for these chickens to reach higher weights.
Giant Brahma chicken is the largest breed among other breeds. This breed, which has a huge size, is in the class of the most valuable chicken breeds with these features. Giant Brahma chicken, which has a history of several centuries, is famous for being fed by Queen Victoria.

Giant Brahma Chicken Care
Giant Brahma chickens require care. If a suitable environment is created for its maintenance, this chicken will be happy and get along well with other living things. This also significantly extends the lifespan of this breed. Things to consider about giant Brahma chicken care can be summarized with the following items;
• The baby Brahma breed needs to roam and roam for at least 5 hours a day.
• Their feed and other food sources should be of good quality.
• Drinking water should be changed every day.
• All kinds of safety precautions must be taken against dangers.
• Their back hairs should be cut at certain intervals and fertilization should be facilitated.
• Since they are close to education, any desired education can be given.
• In certain periods, scabies control should be done.
• Feet and legs should be constantly checked and washed.
• Necessary maintenance should be done during feather change periods.

Giant Brahma Chicken Features
The general characteristics of Brahma chickens, which are very nice and enjoyable to feed, can be listed as follows;
• Giant Brahma chicken likes to live in a large area crowded.
• After 2 years, they can reach the age of growth.
• They do not have the ability to fly.
• It is possible to understand their gender at an early stage.
• Their weight is higher than other breeds.
• They can live in both cold and hot weather.
• It is a resistant breed against climatic conditions.
• They are quite ostentatious in terms of their structures.
• They have a calm and comfortable nature.
• They are easy to train.
• They are not easily afraid of everything.
• It is a curious chicken breed.
• They are on good terms with children and their owners.

How Many Kilos Does a Giant Brahma Chicken Gain?
Giant Brahma chicken attracts attention because it is heavier than other chickens. Giant Brahma chicken can reach at least 4-5 kilos. Giant Brahma roosters weigh between 5-6 kilos. If they have good maintenance conditions, it is possible to increase these weights even more.
The recommended incubation period for the giant Brahma chicken is 2 1 days. Reproductive periods can be just after 6 months of age. If the appropriate warm environment is caught, this breed can also sleep in the winter season.

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