Giant Malay Chicken

Giant Malay chicken is a chicken originating from India. The chicken that originated in India and spread all over the world is therefore also known as Indian chicken. The Malay chicken did not come about by breeding or breeding like other chicken breeds. This chicken stands out as a breed that emerged completely spontaneously in nature.
The giant Malay chicken breed has been used many times by the British for the purpose of breeding different species. In 1845, Malay chicken belonging to this country was first exhibited in England. This chicken was later included in the Standard of Excellence with its features. Again in 1846, this chicken breed was introduced to the United States.

Giant Malay Chicken Characteristics
Like many chicken breeds, the Giant Malay chicken breed is distinguished from other chicken breeds by its appearance. The characteristics of this breed can be listed as follows;
• The outer skin color of the Giant Malay chicken breed is yellow.
• It has a healthy life force.
• Their stature is long.
• This animal breed, which can be seen in exhibitions in many different regions, is raised for ornamental purposes.
• Wing structures are extremely large and strong.
• Head structures are broad and large.
• Facial structures have a brutal expression.
• Their beaks are short.
• The neck area is upright and long and straight.
• Bone structures are quite robust.
• Their length generally varies between 80-95 cm.
• The weight of the breed bred in India can reach up to 6 kilos.

In order for the giant Malay chicken breed to have the maximum strength and build characteristics mentioned, it must live in India with other breeds. The ideal habitat for this breed is India. Therefore, it is highly possible that the maximum weight and body measurements cannot be seen in chickens living or bred in different places from that region. It is a known fact that there is a constant racial conflict between the giant Malay chicken breed and Indian roosters.
Other known features of giant Malay chicken are;
• If they eat quality feed and grow in the open field, their body structures can grow more.
• It is quite low in terms of egg production.
• It lays an average of 80-100 eggs throughout the year.
• It is a breed with normal meat yield.
• Giant Malay chicken has a weak structure compared to other chicken breeds.

Giant Malay Chicken Prices
The giant Malay chicken breed is an extremely noble and flamboyant breed. Their large and flamboyant bodies astonish those who see this chicken for the first time. This breed, which differs from other chickens at first glance, also draws attention with its color mixtures. Dark blue, black and white colors can each be seen in separate chickens, as well as three colors can be seen in a chicken. The dark blue tones that stand out especially in the wing areas make this chicken breed more attractive. This chicken breed, which carries out its movements very slowly, is also separated from many chicken breeds in behavior. Giant Malay chicken is a subject of curiosity as well as its features. Those who want to breed giant Malay chickens can contact the breeders and get information about their prices.

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