Hairless Neck Chicken

The hairless neck chicken type is a very old chicken breed. The breed that has the oldest breed among chickens is the hairless neck chicken breed. The most basic feature of these chickens to get this name is that their neck regions are hairless. While these chickens are covered with feathers all over their bodies, there is not a single feather on their neck. This chicken breed, whose neck skin is completely exposed, can be distinguished from other chicken breeds with these features.
It is not possible to reach complete information about the origin of the hairless neck chicken breed. It is not known where this chicken breed was first seen. According to one belief, this breed was brought to Asia by Hungarian Conguerers at the end of the ninth century and developed there. Other known names of the hairless neck chicken breed are Türken, Kaalnek and Transylvanian Hairless Neck Chicken. It is a chicken breed that is also known by many different names compared to the people living in the bred environment. In many different regions, this breed is considered to be a domestic turkey hybrid. It is also called by these names because it resembles turkey in terms of structure.

Hairless Neck Chicken Characteristics
Hairless neck chicken features are similar to other chickens. The breed characteristics of the hairless neck chicken breed, which are grown in many different places around the world, are as follows;
• This chicken breed is quite dominant in character.
• If they mate with roosters, even if the rooster is a foreign breed, the offspring will still be of the hairless chicken type.
• This breed, which is rare in the North American region, is widely grown especially in Europe.
• It was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1965 and officially accepted as a chicken breed.
• The hairless neck chicken breed stands out as the most interesting species among other poultry.
• They have the appearance of a hybrid chicken breed.
• They are generally preferred for meat production.
• Its appearance is in the form of a normal chicken.
• Their backs are large and wide.
• There are different color options.
• There are no feathers in a part of their legs.
• A standard hairless neck chicken weighs 3.9 kilos.

Hairless Neck Chicken Behavioral Characteristics

Hairless neck chicken features can be listed as follows;
• This chicken breed is extremely hardy and strong.
• They have an active structure.
• They are preferred for both meat and egg production.
• The colors of their eggs are mostly brown.
• While they are unhappy in the free space, they feel safe in the cage environment.
• They stand out as a chicken breed that is extremely resistant to diseases.
• Since their feathers are not very dense, they need protection especially on harsh winter days.
• They can show an excellent performance when they live in a very hot climate.
• Their weight is between 3-4 kilos on average.
Those who want to raise hairless neck chickens can help increase the weight of the chicken if they can provide suitable conditions for life. If they provide suitable conditions, it will be extremely easy to continue this generation and ensure its reproduction.

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