How Do We Protect the Coop from Marten? ( Weasel )


The main enemy of the breeders, the marten, also known as the weasel, is the archenemy of these arch rival chickens and poultry family. Marten attacks are more distinctive compared to other wild animals. Because such an attack can only make a savage vampire attack a single animal. These animals, which are fed by drinking the blood of animals, are also known for their hostility to cats.

The marten is a magnificent animal with a head structure resembling a mouse’s head and a tail resembling a squirrel’s tail, with its quick movements and demeanor and agile movements. There are scarves and similar products made with marten skin in the past and today. These animals, which have very beautiful colors, are mostly known by people who make poultry today.

How do we protect ourselves from this animal? First of all, you should determine the place where you will keep your animals. After you have determined what kind of environment you will create and how many animals you will look after, after you realize and think about how much space is needed, you should choose a torch with holes that are too small for a sparrow to pass around the henhouse. You can close everything with this torch.

It is recommended that the grandchild be buried under the ground at 30 cm while pulling the tor, even though they can penetrate from the bottom, so that at the end of the scratching he will get it against the tor and realize that he cannot reach it, if you put hard large pieces like a crown along the direction you buried the tor, you will strain the patience of wild animals. On the other hand, the presence of a dog will compete for the marten. The dog cannot approach the area and will run away with a bark sound.

Remember that martens are known for being able to get anywhere they can fit. For this, every place should be checked and maintained in a good enough way. Otherwise, you can suddenly see that your animals perish. You can feed Persian Chicken in the henhouse. When these chickens see something dangerous, they start to sound like a siren, so you can go to the scene by noticing it even at night. On the other hand, my best advice to you is to ensure that animals travel and live with the help of tor, and remember that a wild animal, namely the marten, has to feed, and it will not realize that it is doing something it has to do to live. You guys need to take precautions, you can’t blame another animal when something happens to your animals.

Let’s List the Ways of Protection from Marten (Weasel)

Getting a Good Dog in the Coop
Surrounding the House and the Base with Tor
Prefer Green and Durable Poultry As Tor.
You can give electricity to your poultry fences. /However, you can cause the death of many other animals.
You can also protect yourself by keeping your chickens in sheltered places at night.
You should close it so that there are no holes around the henhouse, even the size of a tea glass.

How Do I Protect the Coop from Marten?

Marten is a carnivorous and herbivorous animal that draws attention with its mouse-like structure. This animal, whose fur is extremely valuable, is the biggest threat to poultry houses. Generally dark brown, martens feed on animals such as mice, chickens, birds and pigeons. The marten, which is almost the scourge of poultry breeders, does not leave the area without entering the hen once it has discovered it. Martens, the number one hunter of chickens, kill the chickens with a single move and destroy all the animals in the henhouse. Any information on how to protect the house from marten is especially important for poultry breeders.

It is possible to give many different answers to questions such as how do I protect the house from marten and what precautions can I take against marten. It is possible to get rid of marten in a short time with a few precautions that the breeders will take around and inside the hen house. Thus, it is possible to raise chickens in a safer environment under better conditions.

How to Protect Houses from Marten?

Martens pose a great danger to poultry houses. Martens are called the number one thieves of the coops, for they do fairly heavy damage. Martens are generally active at night and manage to enter the coop without being noticed. They usually enter the poultry house through the gaps under the wires. Those who study the question of whether martens can cut wires come to the conclusion that marten cannot cut wire, but can easily seep through the gap underneath. In response to the question of how to protect the coop from marten, the precautions to be taken in the coops can be listed as follows;

Chickens should be taken to a safer area at night.
Not even the slightest hole should be left in the coop where the chickens live.
Electricity can be supplied to the wires around the coops. However, this is not recommended due to the possibility that other animals may also be harmed.
Surround the hens with tor

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