How Many Eggs Do 500 Hens Lay Per Day?

The answer to the question of how many eggs 500 chickens give per day is important in terms of calculating the monthly and annual income of the entrepreneurs. Those who produce eggs in farms can calculate the profit and loss by calculating the number of eggs that will come from their chickens. Egg production is different in each chicken breed. While some breeds are very successful in egg production, egg production in some breeds of chickens is lower than expected. Entrepreneurs and egg producers can find more real answers to the question of how many eggs 500 hens produce per day by having information about the egg production of the breeds they prefer.

How Many Eggs Do Chickens Lay Per Day?
Chickens are poultry that are fed for meat and egg production. While some breeders want to use these animals for meat yield, some breeders prefer to feed this animal for egg production. Those who will prefer this animal for egg production can increase their profit rates by choosing among high yielding chickens. The factors affecting the egg production of chickens are as follows;
• Type of chicken
• Nutritional conditions of chicken
• The place where the chicken lives should be suitable for the living conditions.
• Location of the nest area
The question of how many eggs 500 chickens lay in a day includes different answers for village chickens and other chicken breeds. Chickens fed under natural conditions in a village environment can be more successful in egg production. In animals fed with egg feed, this rate develops at slightly lower levels. When an average calculation is made, the question of how many eggs 500 chickens lay per day can be answered as between 450 and 500. This situation differs between chicken breeds as mentioned again.
500 Chicken Monthly Yield 2021
Even the most productive chicken breed has 1 egg per day under standard breeding conditions. Conditions such as having suitable living conditions for chickens, having enough space to roam, and suitable four-season temperatures for these creatures affect the egg performance of chickens. Considering that a hen lays 1 egg under the best conditions, the eggs of the best breed will be 365 per year. When this result is multiplied by 500 chickens, it is possible to talk about 200 thousand eggs per year. With an account to be made in this way, very serious gains can be mentioned for the farm owners. Questions such as how many eggs 500 chickens give per day and how much is the return encourage entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can reach the successful sales figures they target after detailed research on this subject.
The best chicken breeds in terms of egg production, which will shed light on the breeders who research about how many eggs 500 chickens lay in a day, are;
• Atak-S Chicken
• Ligorin Chicken
• Lohman Brown Chicken
• Rhode Island Chicken
Questions such as how many eggs 500 chickens lay per day and what is the best feed for chickens are important at this stage. The feed that chickens eat also directly affects the number and quality of eggs. With the research to be done on these issues, breeders can establish a long-lasting chicken and egg farm.

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