How Many Eggs Does a Backyard Chicken Lay a Day?

A hen’s egg laying period and egg production are always a matter of curiosity. Chickens start to lay eggs at certain intervals after they reach adulthood by nature. As a result of this situation, which pleases the producers and makes them profitable, it is calculated how many eggs a hen lays on a yearly basis. Egg production in chickens varies according to the breed and breeding characteristics. While some chickens have lower egg performance on a yearly basis, some breeds are really good at laying eggs and spend almost every day laying eggs. Breeders can choose the chicken breed that is most suitable for the purpose of breeding, and if they are raising them to take their eggs, they can choose among the species with high egg yield. How many eggs does the backyard chicken lay per day, which is one of the topics that many new entrepreneurs research.

It is possible to talk about and comment on many different numbers about how many eggs the backyard chicken lays per day. In fact, there are numerous sensations, which are called urban legends, about this subject. Some of them can be summarized as follows;

Some breeds of chickens lay 2 eggs a day.
In chicken farms, the lights stay on all night long. This allows chickens to lay eggs at night.
When chickens are given medicine, it is possible to get 2 eggs per day.

All of these issues are untrue. This information, which is just a rumor, is proven to be false based on genetic results. Chickens have a certain structure and as long as these structures allow, chickens continue to lay eggs. With the help of any drug supplement or lighting system, it is not possible to make the chicken lay more eggs than normal.

How Many Hours Does the Chicken Lay Eggs?

To answer the question of how many eggs a backyard chicken lays per day, based on scientific data, the egg laying process of chickens can be explained by the following stages;

Each chicken has an average of 2000-4000 small ovaries. This structure resembles a bunch of grapes.
These eggs are connected to each other by a network of capillaries and are contained in a membranous sac. This state of the eggs is called a follicle.
When these follicles reach the appropriate size, they break off from this group and continue to grow.
When it reaches a sufficient size, it falls into the oviduct to complete its development.
The oviduct in chickens is approximately 75 cm long. It also consists of 5 different parts. When the egg passes through this channel and comes out at the end of the channel, the ovulation process takes place.

The answer that can be given to the question of how many eggs a backyard chicken lays per day can be in the form of both the structure of the chicken and the development period of the egg. For this reason, the number of laying eggs for each chicken breed is different. In some chicken breeds, the ovulation period progresses quickly and all follicles are fertile. As a result of this situation, ovulation occurs quickly. In some breeds, since the spawning phase progresses more slowly, the number of eggs obtained throughout the year is low.

How Many Eggs Does a Typical Chicken Lay Each Week?

Users who seek an answer to the question of how many eggs the backyard chicken lays per day, conclude that many chicken breeds can take at least 1 egg in 2 days under normal conditions. The normal time for an egg to form is between 24 and 36 hours. The fact that the formation period starts with 24 hours does not mean that a hen will lay eggs daily. This situation is directly related to the care of chickens and environmental conditions. Breeders who do research on how many eggs a backyard chicken lays a day can have more accurate information by getting information about the rearing conditions of the chickens.

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