How to Make Chicken Gurk?

The question of how to make a chicken gurk is among the most important issues for those who raise or want to raise chickens. Breeders who are interested in chicken breeds should have detailed information about the breed. If the gurk stage, people also have a large role. Breeders can help chickens in this process by having detailed information on how to make a chicken. Breeders who do not provide the necessary support during the Gurk stage may not obtain the desired yield from this process.

For those who are looking for answers to the questions of how to make a chicken gurk and what is a gurk chicken, gurk chicken; It can be said that it is the chicken that starts to collect its eggs in a certain place and then lays on the eggs and makes the chicks hatch. At this stage, the place the chickens will choose for the gurk is important. Chickens do not sleep in places that are not safe for them. After they feel completely safe, they determine a zone for the gurk and start nesting in this area.

How Does a Chicken Become Gurk?
The gurk phenomenon in chickens does not apply to almost all chickens. Some chicken breeds are unsuccessful in gurk. In addition to this, there are also chicken varieties that are required to achieve the desired success in gurk in all its forms. After finding answers to the questions of how a chicken is made and which chicken breeds become a breed, it is possible to spend this process in the best way. The best chicken breeds that can be preferred for Gurk are;
Giant Cochin
Indian chicken
What to Do When Becoming a Chicken Gurk?

There are two basic flours to be considered about chicken gurk. These are the breeder and the breed that the chicken is attached to. The question of how to make a chicken gurk begins to take shape on these two factors. What the breeders should do during the Gurk can be summarized as follows;

The area to be used as a poultry house should always be clean and hygienic.
If the breed preferred as the Gurk is the Salma breed, these chickens must be collected from the volley and filled into the coop before it gets dark. In this way, the animals should be accustomed to the poultry house and tied up.
It is not a good situation for release-raised chicken breeds to be constantly fed outside. This chicken breed should also be fed in the hen at certain periods.
Places to be preferred as nests should be preferred from dark and quiet areas.

While answering the question of how to make a chicken gurk, it is necessary to draw attention to two situations. The chicken purchased for the Gurk must be accustomed to the house. However, it is important that the area designated as the nest is approved by the chicken. The main reason why chickens make a gurk is to ensure continuity in their breeds. For this reason, in order for a chicken to gurk, it must feel comfortable under all conditions. If the place determined as nest is not safe for the chicken, the chicken will still go to bed. However, the probability of eggs turning into chicks is low. In this case, there is both a waste of time and the chicken gets tired for nothing. In the research of how to make a chicken, it is possible to get efficient results by reaching the most accurate information.

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