How to Raise Chicks?

How to Raise Chicks? Chicks are among the cutest puppies in the animal kingdom. There are many who want to feed these cute puppies, which are admirable with their yellow colors and tiny sizes, in their homes or coops. After having sufficient knowledge about how to raise chicks, it is also possible to raise chicks in a comfortable environment.
Raising chicks is an extremely enjoyable activity. Those who want to have a coop and chickens in the future take the first step by raising chicks. Since chicks are sensitive offspring, they require a lot of attention and care during the care and growth phase. The more information you have about how to raise chicks, the easier it will be to raise chicks.

What Does the Chick Eat?
Those who seek answers to the question of how to raise chicks also conduct research on what to do to raise chicks quickly. Since it will be possible for the growing chicks to cling to life and become chickens as soon as possible, this situation returns to the producer as yielding in a short time. There are many special additive feed ingredients on the market for the rapid growth of chicks. However, these feeds are harmful to health. In order to raise chicks quickly, it is sufficient to meet the following conditions;
• A bait with quality restoration
• Probiotics and prebiotics necessary for the digestive system
• Feed supplement with natural mixtures to be prepared at home
• Multivitamins
• A healthy poultry environment

When these conditions are met, the answer to the question of how to raise a chick will be found. Chicks that are used to the environment and fed healthily develop in a short time.
What Do Newborn Chicks Eat?
Newborn chicks consume special chick feed until they are 1 month old. After 1 month of age, he can also start eating salad leaves and greens. Chicks that reach about 40 days old can start eating wheat gradually. Along with this, foods such as bread crumbs and cheese can also be given. With this answer to the question of how to raise chicks, healthy growth of chicks can be achieved.
The most important thing that those who research information about how to raise chicks should know is how to give water to the chicks. Chicks cannot drink cold water. If they drink, they will have diarrhea and die. This water should be given warm at ambient temperature. It is possible to ensure that the chicks grow healthier with the water to be given by adding some sugar.

Chick Care Tips at Home
The answers to the questions of how to raise chicks and what are the tricks of chick care at home are quite simple. Here are the tricks to know for the chicks that are taken care of at home;
• Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the cages where the chicks will grow.
• The cages must be pre-heated and the temperature must be kept at the same level all the time.
• The drinkers of the chicks should be constantly checked.
• Care should be taken to ensure that the feeds are within easy reach of the chicks.
• The temperature of the cage should be lowered as the chicks grow.
• The place where the cage is located should not be drafty.
• As the chicks grow, the feeds that should be given are different from each other. At this stage, suitable feeds must be provided and given to the chicks in a supportive way during the growth period.

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