How to Tell Chick Gender?

Chick Sex Chicks are loved by everyone and are among the creatures that are constantly wanted to be fed in homes. The gender of the chicks taken to be reared is also a subject of constant curiosity. Numerous studies are conducted on chick sex learning. Questions such as how to tell the sex of the chick and how to tell if the chick is a chicken or a rooster are common topics that many chick owners research.
Chick Gender Learning Methods
Many different methods can be used to determine chick sex. Those who have sufficient experience in feeding and rearing chicks are more experienced in learning the sex in a short time. The most used methods to learn chick sex can be listed as follows;

• Feather length
• Color of feathers
• Body size
• Genetic testing
• Chick DNA analysis
• Industrial gender determination techniques
These methods reveal realistic information about chick sex. Since industrial tests, which are among the determination techniques, are generally expensive processes, it is tried to learn the sex of the chicks with simple methods. The important details to be followed in the techniques to be performed are as follows;
• The length of the feathers of the chicks gives an important idea about the gender. A rooster chick has longer feathers. The feathers of the chicks are shorter and at the same level.
• The feathers in the head area of ​​chickens become darker. However, females have darker stripes and spots on their body.
• When the chicks are 3-4 weeks old, their body growth rate gives important information about the sex. The head and body parts of the males are larger and larger than the females. Chicks that remain small in size are usually chickens.
• Measurements made with industrial instruments will in many cases reveal the exact sex of the chicks. Special tools used to learn the sex of the chick allow to examine the genitalia of the chick.
• The sex of the chicks can be easily understood by the examinations made in the biochemistry laboratories. It will be understood in a short time whether the chicks whose DNA has been tested are chickens or roosters.

How to Tell if It’s a Chicken or a Rooster?
Those who do research on chick sex must have some knowledge about the subject. Both chickens and roosters are animal species that everyone knows. Those who are careful and knowledgeable about the subject can predict the sex of the chick when they receive the first chick.
Male chicks usually have white spots on the feathers. In female chicks, the spots are more brownish. However, it is not possible under many conditions to make an idea about the sex of the chick at first glance.

1 Month Old Chick Sex Discrimination
By looking at the growth stage of a one-month-old chick, information about its gender can be obtained. At this stage, it is possible to compare two different types of chicks side by side. The sex of 1-month-old chicks, which are larger in size and lighter in feathers, are interpreted as roosters. If the feathers go darker as they grow, then the chick is likely to be a chicken. With the researches to be done on how to learn the sex of the chick, chick owners can have some ideas about the gender of their chicks.

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