Indian Rooster Species and Characteristics – Noble Rooster Breeds

Indian rooster species and their characteristics are among the topics that chicken breeders and those who are closely interested in cockfighting are curious about. With their upright posture and nervous structure, rooster breeds living in coops attract attention with their unique structures. Roosters in poultry are divided into many different breeds among themselves. Many of these breeds have been accepted as standards around the world. For this reason, rooster breeding is done in many different countries all over the world. Indian rooster species and their characteristics are generally a research topic that breeders interested in cockfighting. Asil rooster breeds, which come to mind first when Indian roosters are mentioned, provide breeders with very important information about which type of rooster they should feed.

Turkish Native Indian Rooster
Roosters are now known as poultry that are fed for ornamental purposes rather than for fighting. Roosters living with chickens own the chickens in a sense. The Indian rooster, also known as Asil chicken, is a rooster breed that made its name known after Islam. This rooster breed, which is still known by its old name in India, has become more known after coming to Europe. Since then, many rooster breeders have started to research the Indian rooster species and their characteristics.
Researches on Indian rooster species and their characteristics provide a lot of important information about these chickens. Since Indian roosters are generally preferred for fighting, their structures are extremely strong. Noble rooster breeds are distinguished from other chicken breeds by having longer legs and necks than normal breeds. Noble rooster breeds became one of the unique and excellent rooster breeds in 1980.

Indian Rooster Breeds and Characteristics
Research on noble rooster breeds reveals very interesting information about these animals. Prominent among these features are as follows;
• Their bodies are stronger than other roosters.
• They are war animals to the death.
• Noble rooster breeds are extremely beautiful in appearance.
• It is rumored that they have the power to break the wrist of the people in front of them with a beak blow.
• Another situation that stands out among the Indian rooster and its characteristics is that these roosters cannot live together. They must be fed separately.
• The face and ear parts are red.
• It is a low yielding rooster breed.

The World’s Strongest Rooster
Known as the strongest rooster in the world, the species that come to the fore in the research of Indian rooster species and their characteristics are as follows;
• Kulang Asil
• Reza Asil
• Malay
• Dwarf or Dwarf Noble
• Madras
Indian rooster species and their characteristics are generally the same. They differ from each other only in some distinctive features.
Best Fighting Rooster Breed
Noble rooster breeds can live an average of 5 to 10 years if fed in good conditions. The incidence of the disease is very low. Asil rooster breeds, which are more sensitive than other breeds, do not like cold places. Today, this chicken breed is on the verge of extinction.

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