Jumbo Budgie Puppies

Jumbo budgies stand out with their cute structures. Jumbo budgerigar cub, with its smaller and cute appearance, is the choice of those who want to raise birds for hobby purposes at home. In general, it is possible to train a Jumbo budgerigar, which will be taken in the juvenile period, and its life span will be longer.
If the care of jumbo budgies is done properly, these birds will be extremely cheerful and entertaining. This special breed, which also stands out with its mischief, comes to the fore as the number one source of entertainment, especially in homes. Jumbo budgie puppies are also preferred because of their compatibility with children.

Jumbo Budgie
The characteristics of many bird breeds are generally the same. The only difference from each other is the feed rations and tastes. Other than that, for many birds, the spawning period and life span are the same. However, the mating seasons are the same.
Jumbo budgie puppies and larges are called Exhibition Budgies in English. Jumbo budgie puppies, which have many different color options, also come to the fore because they have a larger structure than other breeds. There are two different types of jumbo budgies. One of them has upright feathers on their heads. In its other species, it resembles normal budgies.
How to Identify a Jumbo Parakeet Cub?
When buying a jumbo budgerigar, it is necessary to know the characteristics of this breed in order to understand whether this breed is purebred. In this way, it is understood whether the breed to be taken is a real Jumbo budgie pup. General characteristics of the jumbo budgie;

• It is the most popular bird species in Turkey.
• Their heads look bigger than other breeds because they have more hair than normal.
• Its dimensions generally vary between 20 and 25 cm.
• It is very easy to recognize this breed when placed in the same cage with another bird species.
• They love to be loved and taken care of by their owners.
• They establish an emotional bond with their owners.
• They become depressed when they are neglected.
• A depressed Jumbo budgie pup easily becomes ill and stops consuming feed.

How to Feed a Jumbo Budgerigar?
There are some conditions that should be considered when feeding a jumbo budgie. If these birds are fed properly, it is possible to extend their lifespan and to see these animals happier.
• Jumbo budgie puppies should be fed with feeds suitable for their breed.
• When choosing feed, it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration dates of the feeds.
• Jumbo budgie pup loves foods with honey.
• Budgerigars’ cages and the water they consume must be constantly clean.
• It should be able to move freely in the cage.
• Jumbo budgies that like to live in large cages need more than one perch.
• Jumbo budgies must be released and fly in certain periods.

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