Lakenvelder Chicken

Lakenvelder chickens lay well, originating from the Nordrhein Westfalen region of Germany.

Egg color and egg size may vary depending on the average age of the light cream.

Egg Color Features, and cream-colored feature, the strong shell can be as delicious as a human pinky finger and in different sizes.

It is also known as lakenvelder Australian chicken in other sources.

Egg production of this breed is quite good. An animal with egg laying characteristics close to normal laying hens lays about 260 eggs per year.

Lakenvelder is a very successful chicken breed in terms of eggs. It is a very suitable chicken breed for both sale and production.

Physical Characteristics of Lakenvelder Chicken

It has a very good looking case due to its color pattern. This race, which is a combination of black and white colors, is loved because it has team colors.

It has colors such as gold, silver and blue.

Its comb and face are bright red. Their feet are hairless and have a very mobile structure.

Compared to other chickens, its casing is small, but it has a wild bird-like attitude.

Chest cages are full and round, average roosters can weigh 2.5 kg, chickens 2 kg.


Special Notes

The lakenvelder chicken breed is an outdoor enthusiast to tackle a breed that ate flying and wandering.

Listed is a breed that has been purchased as an animal.

Animals are adapted to cold and hot.


Get Experience

Lekenvelder chickens are good mothers who love to brood. I’ve been working on this gin for the past 3 years.

Roosters are a very well mating mate and a very good egg occupancy rate. These animals do not get sick easily.

However, the most common diseases are acne on the face.

I am very happy when I feed them, it is very easy to produce…

Although it is easy to raise the hatched chicks for a while, the period after 1 month requires some attention.

Chicks are sensitive and will look for a place to die. To avoid this, follow the vaccination schedule and monitor them because they can show different symptoms.

Will it hurt me if I get the actual information you want to get about this breed in my garden?

The Lekenvelder is not an aggressive animal, but rather runs away from attacking its owner, they are quite quiet and calm until they spot a predator and lay eggs.

They do not disturb the neighbors around you and do not try to enter their garden, but you must put obstacles in front of them.

As long as you leave them to their own devices, they have a character that spends the day in silence.

Sometimes when you notice that the roosters are yelling a lot, go to the side to intervene immediately and warn him.

He will shut up after the warning, take a good look around, what was it that frightened him like that?

Lakenvelder is a magnificent chicken breed that will decorate your coops and make you happy.

It won’t lay eggs for a few months in cold weather, but wait patiently.



They’re not close.

They are strong and run very well

In the wild there is no problem.

It incubates very well.

Influenced by cold.

affected by heat.

They are curious and wandering people who like to roam.

Includes owner.

Without forgetting, you manage very well with so many language options for three years to win the game and you add me.

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