Large Chicken Breeds Brahma

Brahma chicken, which stands out as a meat chicken, is a hybrid breed. It has been preferred for meat production in America for many years. Large chicken breeds Brahma are bred in many different countries of the world today because of their high productivity rate. Brahma chickens, which are good gurk chickens, are also appreciated for being durable chickens. This race, whose metabolism is extremely strong, is an extremely well-fed race. Large chicken breeds Brahma breeds can be purchased while they are chicks. Due to their rapid growth, they can take the appearance of chickens in a short time.
Large chicken breeds Brahma breeds generally like to roam freely. Like many other breeds, Brahma chickens do not go very far in the crawl space. They like to roam mostly in dry areas.

Brahma Chicken Features
The general characteristics of the big chicken breeds Brahma can be listed as follows;
• Brahma chickens are among the showy chicken breeds.
• It is resistant even against harsh weather conditions.
• They enjoy living in groups.
• They remain fixed in a certain area during propagation.
• They do not have the ability to fly.
• Chicks grow quickly.
• Egg production is at medium levels.
• They can reach a weight of approximately 4-5 kilograms.
• Their growth takes 2 years.

Large chicken breeds Brahma breeds are preferred in poultry houses with many compatible features. These chickens, which are generally preferred for meat yield, can live together with different breeds in the hens because they are subsistence chickens.

Brahma Chicken Egg
Large chicken breeds Brahma are not very good in terms of egg production. Egg yields of these chickens, which are a good gurk, can be explained by the following items;
• They can lay 100- 150 eggs on a yearly basis.
• Eggs are brown.
• Egg sizes are not too big.
• Eggs weigh approximately 55 grams.
• Egg prices are high.

Brahma Chicken Breeds
Large breeds of chickens Brahma have many different types. These types can be listed as follows;
• Light Brahma
• Dark Brahma
• Gold Brahma

In cases where the care of Brahma chickens of different species is taken care of, it is possible to get the desired yield in a short time. The things to be considered for the Brahma living conditions of large chicken breeds can be summarized with the following items;

• They cannot live in muddy environments.
• It is important to create suitable environments for chickens to spend time on rainy days.
• Regular scabies checks should be made.
• There should be a suitable area for them to walk.
• Their feed must be of high quality.
• In order to increase fertilization rates, their hind feathers should be shortened.
• They must be protected against hazards.
• The house should always be kept clean.

Other Features of Brahma Chicken
Large chicken breeds Brahma are preferred by breeders because of their many good features. The behavioral characteristics of the Brahma genus and other important features to be known are as follows;
• Brahma chicken breed is extremely calm.
• It is an easily trainable breed.
• They do not get scared easily.
• They are good with children.
• It is a very curious chicken breed.
• They can be fed by hand.
• Cleaning is important in their cages.
• The water they drink must not be polluted.
• They need a living area of ​​at least 2 square meters.
• They need a sand container.
• They need rice and greens in their diet.

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