Ligorin Chicken Features and Price

The Ligorin chicken breed is among the breeds with the highest egg production. For this reason, Ligorin chicken characteristics and price are among the subjects that are researched by those who want to get egg production from this breed.

In order to obtain the desired egg yield from the Ligorin chicken breed, it is important that this hen lives in an environment suitable for the rearing conditions. Otherwise, it is not possible to obtain the desired yield on a yearly basis. Ligorin chicken breed is not a suitable chicken breed for those who are going to keep releasing chickens. This breed likes to live in coops or cages. If it lives here and is fed with feeds with high nutritional value, it starts to lay eggs in a short time and egg production is high.

Ligorin Chicken Characteristics

Breeders who research the Ligorin chicken characteristics and price find that this breed is the most preferred breed in the field of cage farming worldwide. The Ligorin chicken breed is the number one preferred breed of those who raise chickens in cages. The underlying reason for this is that this chicken is productive and makes the breeder happy. The most important breed characteristics that breeders should know about Ligorin chicken characteristics and price are as follows;

Ligorin chickens originate from the Tuscany region of Italy.
This breed is very active and has a free spirit. Therefore, the probability of incubation is very low.
After 4-5 months, they can start to lay eggs.
They are known as wandering chickens because of their constant roaming.
Their body weights are extremely light. Therefore, they remain low in terms of meat yield.
Ligorin Chicken Egg Yield

In order to obtain realistic information about ligorin chicken characteristics and price information, it should be known whether the chicken is adult or old. If young chickens are high in yield, their prices vary according to age. The egg yield of the Ligorin chicken breed, which has succeeded in satisfying the breeder in terms of egg production, can be summarized with the following items;

Egg production on a yearly basis: 280 to 320 eggs
Egg laying period: 4 years when viewed under best conditions
Egg weights are between 65-70 grams
Egg color: White
Live chicken weight: 1.3-1.7 kg
Live rooster weight: 3 to 4 kilograms
Ligorin Chicken Prices 2021

Studies on Ligorin chicken characteristics and price show that this chicken breed has very affordable prices. When looking at many chicken breeds, Ligorin chickens are offered to breeders with more affordable prices. By contacting the producers, it is possible to have more up-to-date prices on pullet Ligorin chicken features and price.

Ligorin Rooster Characteristics

The characteristics of Ligorin rooster breeds are investigated as well as the characteristics and price of Ligorin chickens. The characteristics of Ligorin roosters living in cages with chickens and owning chickens are as follows;

Ligorin roosters weigh more than chickens.
Generally, their color is white and its tones.
They are aggressive by nature.
It is a vicious and angry rooster breed.
They can calm down if they receive love and attention.

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