Lohman Brown Egg Chicken Features and Price

Lohman Brown chicken breed is among the preferred chicken breeds in terms of egg production. After reaching the Lohman Brown laying hen characteristics and price information, the breeders who place these chickens in their farms can achieve the desired yield in a short time. Lohman Brown chicken breed is preferred more by looking at many breeds with high egg production. The reason for this is that this breed is more advantageous than many chicken breeds. Lohman Brown egg chickens, which are also admired for their characteristics, and information such as price give the breeders very important information about this breed.

Lohman Brown Chicken

Lohman Brown chicken is especially preferred by keel chicken breeders. Salma is one of the most suitable breeds for poultry farming. This breed, which has a high performance in terms of egg production, will make a profit in a short time if it is fed in suitable conditions. Originally from German origin, Lohman Brown chickens are also preferred because they are resistant to weather conditions. Breeders who do Lohman Brown laying hens characteristics and price research can include this breed in their coops in line with the information they have obtained.

Lohman Brown Chicken Features

Many features of these chickens come to the fore in the Lohman Brown egg chicken characteristics and price research. The most striking features of Lohman Brown chickens, one of the most important breeds of keel poultry, are as follows;

Lohman Brown chickens consume close to 100 grams of feed per day.
When they adapt to the conditions of release, they provide serious egg production.
They can live up to 2 years with release aquaculture.
It is a breed that can be sold as a natural roaming chicken.
It is a breed whose meat is as delicious as its eggs.
They have a harmonious structure in character.
Egg laying periods come quickly.
Lohman Chicken Egg Color

Breeders who do Lohman Brown egg chicken characteristics and price research are also curious about the information about the eggs of this breed. Egg production of Lohman Brown chickens, which are among the productive breeds, is as follows;

Annual egg production: 300 and above
Egg weight: 55-60 grams
Egg color: Brown
Live chicken weight: 1.75-2.5 kilograms
Live rooster weight: 3 kg or more
Lohman Chicken Egg Yield

Lohman Brown laying hen and its characteristics are especially important for those who want to get egg production from this breed. The eggs of the Lohman Brown breed are extremely valuable. With this feature, it pleases both growers and buyers. These eggs, which have high vitamin and protein values, get full marks from the breeders with their quality shell features.

Lohman Chicken Prices 2021

The most basic factors affecting chicken prices are the environment in which the chicken is raised, the broodstock characteristics and the health condition of the chicken. By evaluating these criteria, chickens get reasonable price values. Those who do research on the Lohman Brown laying hen characteristics and price find out that this chicken breed is offered for sale at different prices in the egg period and pullet period.

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