Maran Chicken Breed Characteristics

Maran, also known as Marans chicken, is a breed of chicken that got its name from the region where it was grown. Developed in the French town of Marans, this chicken later spread around the world. The most important reason why Marans chicken is preferred for breeding is its chocolate colored eggs. These eggs, which are quite different from other types of eggs, have a very beautiful appearance, but they are also very beautiful in terms of appearance.

Maran chicken breed characteristics are a subject researched by breeders. Those who want to raise this chicken in their farms can include this species in their farms after they have more detailed information about its characteristics. Maran chicken breed, which has high productivity in terms of both meat and eggs, is also quite high. This chicken, which is in accordance with French standards, is quite common in many regions.

Maran Chicken Egg Yield

The breeders, who are informed about the egg production as well as the characteristics of the Maran chicken breed, give more importance to the breeding of this chicken. The egg characteristics of this breed, whose egg production is extremely high, can be evaluated as follows;

Egg color: Brown
Number of eggs per year: 150- 200 pieces
Egg weight: 60- 65 grams
Live chicken weight: 2.5 to 3 kilograms

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this breed in terms of eggs is that they can only produce eggs in summer. Even if they are not affected by the cold when the winter season enters, their egg yields are reduced by half. With the increase in the cold, the number of eggs to be taken in the winter season decreases as well.

Maran Chicken Features

Maran chicken breed features that attract the attention of many breeders are as follows;

The Maran chicken breed grows fast.
It has an extremely strong body. Therefore, it is among the durable chicken breeds.
It is a breed that can be grown comfortably in many different climates.
They can get a little lazy when housed.
They experience lubrication problem when they are inactive.
It is a very friendly chicken breed.
It is very easy to maintain.
They are happy when they live in a free environment.
They are preferred because of both meat and eggs.
This breed, which is easy to care for, has a very docile nature.
Their feed consumption is extremely low.

The most striking feature among the preferred Maran chicken breeds because it is a compatible breed is that they can be raised under all conditions. It is a breed that can be grown on every continent because it can adapt to even cold conditions.

Maran Egg Prices

In your research on Maran chicken breed characteristics and egg prices, you can see that eggs of this chicken breed have different price ranges. Eggs of this breed find buyers at different prices due to the different shell color and higher protein value than normal. If you want to undertake the breeding of this breed, you can establish a farm with a high profit by knowing more about the Maran chicken breed characteristics.

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