Minorca Chicken Characteristics

Buff Minorca chicken is a breed preferred by breeders on many farms today. This breed was first developed in Spain around 1780. It took its name from Minorca, an island of this country. Another known name of this breed is the Red-Faced Black Spaniard. This species stands out as the largest and largest species among Mediterranean poultry. Those who prefer to raise Buff Minorca chickens make this choice because of the positive characteristics of this chicken.
The Buff Minorca breed is widely bred by the British today. With this breed, new varieties are created in England. Buff Minorca chicken also complies with the American Poultry Standards. The blue, black and white colors of the race, which sees many different color options, have been officially accepted to the standards.
Short Facts About Buff Minorca Chicken
Buff Minorca chicken is among the breeds that can be grown in many different countries today. The reason for this is the favorable habits and characteristics of this chicken. Short information about the Buff Minorca chicken is as follows;
• Buff Minorca chicken is a chicken originating from Spain.
• Today, it is grown in many different continents.
• There are also dwarf versions of this breed.
• Ear lobes are very large and white.
• It is a chicken breed with very high egg production.
This breed, which is generally compatible in its habitat, can live together with many different chicken breeds. For this reason, it is preferred. Extremely moderate, this breed gives satisfaction to its owners in all conditions. After creating a nice care environment, Buff Minorca chickens can live healthy for many years.

Buff Minorca Chicken Features
The general characteristics of the Buff Minorca chicken, which is distinguished from other breeds by many different features, can be summarized as follows;
• This breed is an extremely loyal chicken breed to its owner.
• They have very high flying abilities.
• This breed generally likes to live in hot and dry climates.
• It is a breed that gives the desired yield to its owner when grown in open land.
• These chickens have no feathers on their legs. For this reason, the feet begin to feel cold first.
• It is a medium-sized breed.
• Wing structures are quite large and strong.
• Although its beak is small, it is extremely strong.
• Tail structures are short.
Buff Minorca Egg Yield
Buff Minorca chickens are among the most preferred breeds due to their egg production. The egg yield of this breed, which pleases the breeder on a yearly basis, can be summarized with the following items;
• Live chicken weight: 2.5-3 kilos
• Live rooster weight: 3- 3.5 kilos
• Egg color: White
• Egg Weight: 55- 65 grams
• Number of eggs: 180- 220 per year
If the necessary conditions are met for this breed, it is possible to increase the amount of eggs to be taken on a yearly basis. Buff Minorca chickens are extremely good at laying eggs in the first years. In the following years, this yield decreases to a certain extent.

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