Minorca Chicken Characteristics

Minorca Chicken Characteristics Minorca chicken is one of the most common chicken breeds. They are especially preferred by producers with their high productivity in terms of eggs. This breed is distinguished from other chicken breeds, especially with its resistance to cold weather. Minorca chicken is extremely rich in terms of features. It is extremely easy to feed chickens that can live in any environment.
Minorca chicken characteristics are frequently sought after by those wishing to breed this chicken. Minorca chicken originates from Spain. It is produced in Menorca, located in the Mediterranean. This breed of chickens has been obtained by mixing races. In this way, their productivity in terms of eggs has been increased even more.
Minorca Chicken Egg Yield
While investigating the characteristics of Minorca chickens, researches are also carried out on egg production. Egg productivity of this breed can be explained by the following items;
• The weight of live roosters is between 3-3.5 kilos.
• The weight of live chickens is between 2.5 and 3 kilograms.
• They lay 180-220 eggs per year.
• The color of their eggs is usually white.
• The weight of the eggs varies between 55-65 grams.
Characteristics of Minorca Chickens
Minorca chicken features can be listed as follows;
• They have a special elegance.
• They are of medium height.
• Their head areas are very small, but they are quite long in length.
• 5-6 teeth are clearly visible.
• They are in the form of petals.
• While the roosters stand upright, the chickens stand more inclined.
• There are white and oval ear tags. Their eyes are brown or black.
• They are very loyal to their owners.
• Their flying abilities are highly developed.
• Chicken breed lives in hot and dry climates.
• They are fed easily in open and empty fields.
• Comb, beak and eye circles are completely red.
• Tail structures are short.
• Leg structures are hairless.
• Its wings are strong.

Minorca chicken has been largely adopted by the British because of its characteristics. New varieties living in this region often prefer this chicken. Minorca chicken breeds are accepted with many different colors in the American Poultry Association Standards. This breed has different color options such as black, buff, white and blue. White and black Minorcan chickens appear in both comb and rose varieties.
Among the Minorcan chicken features are their unique colors. The main color in Minorca chickens is black. They are admired for their calm temperament. It is an extremely serious and submissive breed. If they are cut and cooked, their meat is extremely delicious. This breed is also preferred because it is resistant to cold and can resist high humidity.
Brief Information About the Minorca Chicken Breed
Apart from the Minorca chicken characteristics, brief information about this breed is as follows;
• Minorca chickens are rooted in Spain.
• It is produced and cultivated in many different countries around the world.
• This race also has different dwarf races.
• Those looking for Minorcan chickens can easily distinguish this breed from the white colors on the side lobes of these chickens.
• Minorca breed is very common in terms of egg production in the first year. This yield begins to decline in small amounts over the years.

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