Mosaic Canary Traits Feeding Care Types

Matters such as Mosaic Canary characteristics, feeding, care and feathers are the issues that are closely related to those who want to keep this songbird species at home. The care and feeding of Mosaic Canary birds, which stand out with their beautiful singing and colorful and ordered feathers, are matters that require great care.

Mosaic Canary breed first appeared in 1942 in Italy. This race, known as the Dimorphic Canary until recently, has become famous around the world with the name Mosaic Canary. Two different races have a role in the development of this breed. The Mosaic Canary race, which emerged by combining the yellow canary and Venezuelan races, differs from many other canary races with its appearance. By knowing these criteria, it is possible to easily distinguish this breed from other bird species. After getting detailed information about the Mosaic Canary features, nutrition, and feathers, these birds can be fed in a suitable environment in very healthy conditions.

Mosaic Canary Features

Mosaic Canary features, nutrition, care, feathers require importance and meticulousness. The characteristics of these birds are as follows;

Care of the Mosaic Canary species should be extremely careful and meticulous.
Their cages, along with their feed and water, should always be clean.
If they live in pairs, these birds will be happier and more peaceful.
Their mating takes place in a highly sensitive environment.
It is a bird species that is extremely selective in mate selection.
They are adversely affected by weather change.
Elements such as drafts cause these birds to get serious diseases.
There must be bathing and puppies in their cages.
How to Care for a Mosaic Canary?

The life span of the Mosaic Canary can be extended by paying attention to the following issues in terms of feeding and care feathers.

The feed they eat constantly should be strengthened with supplements at certain periods.
Their cages should be designed in such a way that they can move freely.
The temperature of the environment in which they live should be constant.
Their cages should be located in high areas.
Coops must have beak stones.
How to Feed a Mosaic Canary?

The most prominent detail among the subjects such as Mosaic Canary features, nutrition, care and feathers is undoubtedly the nutrition of these animals. In the nutritional situation that will be necessary for the continuity of life, additional nutritional supplements can be applied to these bird species in addition to the normal feeds. These additional supplements can be prepared at home in very easy conditions. Those who want to feed a Mosaic Canary can create a healthy eating environment by paying attention to the following steps at home;

As a nutritional supplement, products such as oats, poppy, flax seeds, grass seeds, millet and Niger can be combined and mixed into feeds.
From time to time, vitamin supplements should be applied at certain intervals.
Milk thistle seeds should be given at certain times in order to alleviate the liver problems that may occur in animals.
The endurance of birds can be increased by mixing garlic juice with fresh garlic oil into the food.
If various seeds are germinated during feather time, birds can spend this period more comfortably.

Mosaic Canary traits, such as feeding and maintaining feathers, give breeders a great advantage. It is the information that needs to be learned in order for the Mosaic Canary race to live in a more reliable environment. Breeders can also contact the breeders of this bird to get detailed information about Mosaic Canary traits, nutrition, care and feathers.

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