Plymouth Rock Chicken Traits Varieties

Originally of American origin, the Plymount Rock breed is of interest to combined meat and egg breeders. As a result of research on Plymount Rock chicken characteristics, it is possible to feed these animals for many years under the right conditions. Black Kochin is a chicken breed that was developed by combining Barbed Dominican breed roosters. Plymount Rock breed chickens, which stand out as a hybrid breed, were accepted as a breed by the American Poultry Standards in 1874. This breed, which was brought to England in 1880, was started to be bred in the Netherlands in 1882. The most common color option of this breed, which has 7 different color options, is the one with black and white snow.

Pleymut Chicken Type

One of the most prominent among the varieties of Plymount Rock chicken characteristics is the value of this breed in egg production. Breeders who research Plymount Rock chicken characteristics varieties conclude that this breed is also very successful in meat yield. Plymount Rock egg production can be explained by the following items;

Number of eggs per year: Between 200-220
Live rooster weight 4.5-5 kilos
Live chicken weight: 3-3.5 kilograms
Beginning of the ovulation period: 9-10 months old
Egg weight: 60-70 grams
Egg color: Light brown
Plymouth Rock Chicken Characteristics

Things to know about Plymount Rock chicken characteristics are as follows;

The Plymount Rock chicken breed is resistant to cold.
It is very valuable in terms of both meat and egg production.
Chickens meet expectations with their body weight in adulthood.
The plumage of the true Plymount Rock breed stands out as snowy.
The most preferred color in the world is white.
Both the female and the male are quite docile.
They are very often gurks and are very good mothers to their offspring.
The Plymount Rock breed is among the most important chicken breeds.
There are countless people in America and England who make a living by breeding this breed.
They love to live and roam freely in the open environment.
Chickens are happier when they are loved and cared for.
Their original homeland is America.
This breed got its name from the Plymount region in America.
It is among the medium-sized chicken breeds.
There are no feathers on their legs.
Combs and eye circles are red.
Pleymut Chicken Sales Prices

Plymount Rock chicken traits are also popular with families with children. This breed, which is good with children, gives confidence to families due to its harmless movements. Plymount Rock chicken traits, which are an important source of livelihood, are seen in many farms because they can live in groups.

The varieties and prices of Plymount Rock chicken characteristics vary according to the growing environment and health status of the chickens. This chicken breed is generally preferred in the pullet and pre-pulling periods, and it is aimed to obtain high efficiency. This breed can be easily fed anywhere in the world by consulting with the producers about the prices of Plymount Rock chickens.

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