Reza Noble Indian Rooster

The Reza Asil Indian Rooster is a type of rooster that is kept for fighting purposes but is now mostly used in the ornamental category. The origin of this breed is based on India. Also known as Noble Chicken. It continues to be called Reza Chicken in India.

Reza Asil Indian rooster is the strongest breed among rooster breeds. For this reason, it was preferred for fights in ancient times. The old rumors put forward the assumption that this rooster breed can break the wrists of others with even a simple beak blow. Their appearance is also different from other roosters. The breeds of Reza Asil Indian rooster can be listed as follows;

Kulang Asil
dwarf or dwarf Noble

Reza Asil Indian rooster is the most popular species among roosters. These species, which can live comfortably in almost any environment, are also suitable for living in the henhouse.

Indian Rooster Breeds and Characteristics

The characteristics of the Reza Asil Indian rooster are as follows;

The Reza Asil Indian rooster can live between 5 and 10 years.
The thorax is broad and forward.
It is a durable type of rooster.
They are the best breeds of roosters for battles.
They do not get along with their fellows and are in constant quarrel.
Their faces and ear structures are red.
These roosters, which are beautiful in appearance, are extremely low in yield.
There are no double combs under their beaks.
They are protective of their owners. They do not attack anyone unless they sense any serious threat or aggression.
Disease resistance levels are high.
The breeding environment must be at a good level.
They can be easily tamed by humans.

The Reza Asil Indian rooster is almost extinct. That’s why it’s very hard to find nowadays.

How to Identify a Quality Indian Rooster?

Reza Asil Indian rooster breed gets along well with people. They are extremely warm-blooded towards people. Due to the nobility for which they are named, they are usually the most conspicuous animals in the places where they are placed. Many roosters are not true Reza Asil Indian roosters, as the species is now endangered. It is enough to observe for a short time to understand whether the Reza Asil Indian rooster is real. These species, which are very agile and agile, cannot easily stand still. In this way, it can be easily understood whether it is a true Indian Rooster or not. However, the Reza Asil Indian Rooster breed is larger and stronger than normal rooster breeds. In line with this information, it can be easily selected among other roosters.

Reza Asil Indian Rooster Prices

Reza Asil Indian rooster prices vary from producer to producer. Those who want to buy and breed this rooster can contact the producers and have information about their current prices.

Noble Indian roosters are defined as one of the noblest breeds in the world. They are pretty good at incubating. For this reason, they are also used as brood chickens. It is known that these species live in countries such as Thailand, Japan, England, and South America along with Turkey.

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