Turkan Chicken Features

As a result of the researches on Türkan chicken characteristics, many breeders include this breed in their coops and farms. This breed, which attracts attention with its different appearance, is preferred due to both egg and meat yield. If the ideal living environment is created in chickens that do not have a specific color feature, a great increase in annual meat and egg yield can be observed.
Many different details stand out among the characteristics of Türkan chicken. In line with this information, many breeders can easily feed this breed under easy conditions. Türkan chicken breed, which does not force life conditions, is also preferred because it is resistant to hot and cold weather.

Türkan Tavuk Özellikleri
Bald Chicken Characteristics
Türkan chicken characteristics, which is one of the most suitable breeds for Salma poultry, are as follows;
• They are also known as the bald chicken breed.
• They are preferred for egg and meat yield.
• They have a calm disposition.
• It is a docile and extremely curious breed.
• They can be easily distinguished by their single and upright combs.
• They can live comfortably in hot and cold climates.
• They have different color options such as black, white and red.
• There are no feathers in the neck areas.
• It is among the chicken breeds with the highest body resistance.
• Adult chickens also draw attention with their body weight.
• It is a friendly chicken breed.
The only disliked feature among Turkan chickens is that these animals do not have a tendency to fly. Because of this situation, these animals are vulnerable to many attacks. While feeding Turkan chicken breeds, which are likely to be hunted, if adequate safety precautions are taken, it is possible to feed this breed for a long time.
Turken Chicken Egg Yield
While investigating Turkan chicken characteristics, egg production of this chicken breed is also investigated. Türkan chicken makes its owner very happy about egg production. For this reason, they are among the most fed breeds on large farms. If enough care is taken for their feeding, it is possible to achieve extremely good results with release poultry. Türkan chicken characteristics and egg production can be explained with the following items;
• Egg production is between 150-180 eggs per year.
• Egg color is light brown
• Egg size varies between large and small.
• Egg weights are between 60-65 grams
Turkan Chicken Prices
Breeders doing research on Türkan chicken characteristics and prices may encounter different prices depending on the genetic characteristics of the breed they prefer and the health status of the animals. They can obtain a long-lasting egg production by choosing among the species that are grown in very good conditions and in good health. After getting information about the Turkan chicken characteristics, it is possible to buy and feed the desired number of chickens at affordable prices from those who breed this breed.

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