Types of Roosters

Roosters, which have the same characteristics as chickens, differ from chickens in terms of gender. Roosters, which are called the chicken’s man in short, are also among the first domesticated animals by humans. Roosters, like chickens, are poultry whose meat can be consumed. Among the many types of roosters available in the market, breeders can choose the species they want and continue to breed them in the cage.
Roosters have a different appearance from chickens with their red hoopoes and large structures. The hoopoes of the roosters, which have a larger and more flamboyant structure, are toothed and hard. Compared to females, their beards are harder and larger. Research on rooster species reveals that these animals have many breeds. Roosters, which have unique characteristics, are creatures that can live in the same coops with chickens.

Rooster Breeds and Characteristics
Roosters act as a clock for villagers in village places. Roosters that can crow in a unique and harmonious way inform the villager about time by crowing at dawn. It awakens the villagers with the sounds they make in the period that separates the night from the day. This chirping continues for approximately 15-20 seconds. In addition to the subject of rooster types, the most well-known characteristics of roosters are as follows;
• Roosters are resistant to all weather conditions.
• It is a creature that can be grown in many different continents in the world.
• Meat of roosters is extremely delicious.
• They are among poultry such as chickens and turkeys.
• Tail structures are more upright and arc shaped.
• Their bodies are agile and large.
• Their hair is long and quite shiny.
• Among the poultry, the earliest awakening is the rooster.
• Body weights are higher than roosters.
• Some types are quite irritable and belligerent.

The Most Popular Rooster Species
Among the rooster species, the most prominent species are Denizli rooster and Indian rooster. These two breeds of roosters are also more expensive than normal due to the features they have. Roosters that own chickens in the henhouse are preferred poultry because of their leadership characteristics. The general characteristics of Denizli rooster are as follows;
• Denizli rooster can crow for very long periods of time.
• It is highly resistant to living conditions.
• It has a strong structure.
• It has an ostentatious feather structure.
• Their bodies are large and well-built.
• Owns every chicken in the cage if they live with the chickens.

The Indian rooster, which stands out among the rooster species, stands out with its belligerent nature in addition to these features. With this feature, they are the preferred breeds especially in fights.
Rooster species have different price ranges according to the different features they have. Generally, there should be a rooster in every house. For this reason, chicken breeders place a certain number of roosters next to a certain number of chickens. In order to get more detailed information about the prices of roosters that take on the role of protector and watcher, the rooster breeders can be contacted. Rooster species are offered for sale at different price ranges according to their ages, breeds and special abilities.

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