Aseel rooster

The Aseel rooster is a breed that belongs to the Indian rooster class. It is one step ahead of other roosters with its many moderate features. They have a very noble appearance in terms of stance. That’s why they are called Aseel.

Indian roosters have a huge variety. In this country, there are many rooster breeds, the number of which is known as well as an unknown number. The homeland of this chicken breed is India. For this reason, it is a species also known as the Noble Indian Rooster.

Shamoo Indian Rooster

In India, the word noble is also used with the meaning of purebred. This chicken was translated into English as a purebred rooster. This breed, which was not called the Noble Rooster in the early periods, later remained as the Noble Rooster with Islam.

When classifying the Indian Aseel rooster, basically two criteria are considered. These;
Big Type- Kulang Royal Rooster
Small Type (Non-dwarf) – Reza Asil Rooster)

This classification according to their size is of great importance for these roosters. Chickens, which differ from each other in appearance, are also distinguished from other rooster classes. The Aseel rooster, which has many different characteristics, is still bred in many hens as a lookout for chickens today.

Aseel Cockroach Characteristics

The first information about the Aseel rooster dates back to the 1800s. At that time, information about Indian roosters was found in many inscriptions and inscriptions. This important information from the past to the present is still taken into account by those who continue to breed this breed in the Kolkata region. Aseel rooster characteristics can be listed as follows;

The faces and ear lobes of Aseel roosters have a red color.
These breeds do not have the double comb, which should normally be found under their beaks.
Hoopoes on the crest of the Indian cock are generally small, with the exception of the Bihangam species only. This pattern looks more like a small piece of meat than a comb.
One of the most admired features of Indian roosters is that they do not harm their owners. Aseel rooster is extremely docile and does not harm its owner.

In addition to these features, the Aseel rooster can be handled with many different aspects. This breed, whose breeding has survived to the present day, is extremely adaptable and docile compared to other rooster breeds.

Aseel Shamo Rooster Species

The Aseel rooster is among the rarest purebred roosters in the world. These roosters, which can remain strong and durable in all conditions, are grown in countries such as Thailand, England, South America, Turkey and America as well as India. The prominent species of Indian Aseel rooster, which has many different species, are as follows;

Reza Asil
Kulang Asil
Dwarf or Dwarf Noble

Another detail that should be known is that the Aseel rooster is a chicken breed that is also used for fights. Aseel festival competition races suitable for fighting can be listed as follows;

Madras Noble
Rampuri Noble
Kolkata Noble
Iranian Noble
Agfan Asil
Hyderabad Noble
Rajah Asil
Turkish Noble
Pakistani Noble
Can Aseel Roosters Be Keeped As Pets?

The question of whether the Aseel rooster can be fed at home is among the most researched on this subject. Indian roosters generally do not get along with their own breeds. They are constantly at war. It can be kept as a pet, but it should not be forgotten that the environment where it should live should be the henhouse.

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